LST 325

City Council Approves LST Funds

Aug 14, 2018
Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

LST 325 is currently docked at Marina Pointe, but it will soon have a new home in the heart of downtown thanks to a couple million dollars from the Evansville City Council. 

Councilmembers voted 8-to-1 to give more than $2.7 million to Port Authority at a meeting Monday night.

The money comes from the city’s riverboat fund and will pay for the planning and construction of a new dock and visitor center for the LST across from Le Merigot Hotel.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke presented the details of the move.

Mayor cautious on more gaming revenue

Oct 23, 2017
John Gibson

Now that Tropicana has opened its land-based casino in Evansville, will the city and county see an increase in gaming revenue? 

The lively 75,000 square-foot casino replaces Evansville’s gaming boat, which opened 22 years ago as the state’s first floating casino.

Tropicana is predicting more revenue with the new casino, but Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke told WNIN the city is not taking it for granted…

Tropicana opens land-based casino in Evansville

Oct 20, 2017
John Gibson

A ribbon is cut, opening the state’s first land-based casino in Evansville. 

People waited in long lines to be among the first customers at the new single-story Tropicana casino, built between the Tropicana Hotel and the Le Marigot on Riverside Drive.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke noted it’s the first land-based casino to open in Indiana.

("That's as a result of a lot of hard work by the Indiana legislature, specifically the local legislative delegation, the state gaming commission had to approve this, so a lot of things had to happen to get to this day.")

Port Authority to consider LST feasibility deal

Jan 9, 2017

A step may be taken Monday afternoon toward the proposed relocation of LST 325.

Mayor Winnecke’s office says the Port Authority of Evansville will consider an engineering service agreement.

It would look into the feasibility of moving the World War II ship from its location off Waterworks Road to the current site of the Tropicana riverboat along Riverside Drive.

The gaming company is moving its operation to dry land across the street, after the Indiana General Assembly voted in 2015 to allow such moves.

City approves new LST deal

Jun 16, 2015

The city of Evansville has agreed to extend -- and tweak -- its arrangement with LST 325.

Redevelopment Commission President Randy Ahlsman says the commission has approved a five-year agreement with the World War II ship -- with a five-year option after that.

Ahlsman tells WNIN that the deal also includes language that would allow the LST to leave its current dock off Waterworks Road, if Tropicana moves its gaming operation onto land.

Moving the ship to the floating casino's current site would require Tropicana’s approval.