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Two Main Street- Ann Komis

May 31, 2018
Tommy Housman

There is probably only one person in the world who could get 14 News icon Ann Komis out of retirement long enough to conduct an interview. David James is that person. Things you never knew, things you will recall fondly and a wild airplane ride to disperse the ashes of weather legend Marcia Yockey. They're all on tap when these two old friends got together recently for a chat.

Investigation Reveals Why Soldier Not Recognized

May 31, 2018

We now have a pretty good idea of why an Evansville soldier's family endured the agony of waiting four months to learn of his fate after World War I, and how his name was left off a monument to the casualties of the one of the last battles of that war.

Mt. Vernon resident Nancy Hasting has spent the past two years researching the final days of her great-uncle, Army Sergeant Chester Schulz. He was killed in battle near Sedan, France just four days before the end of the war.

National Softball Champs Return to USI

May 30, 2018
Steve Burger

To the storied history of college sports in Indiana, add one more entry.

The University of Southern Indiana welcomed home its national champion softball team Wednesday. 

Long-time supporter Barbara Marr fretted about the weather as she waited with several hundred others for the USI softball team to arrive at the rally.

Exhaust systems installed in fire stations

May 30, 2018

Diesel exhaust systems have been installed in Evansville’s firehouses. 

In a news release, the Evansville Fire Department said diesel exhaust has been a health problem for many firefighters.

The EFD said the new exhaust systems will provide better health conditions.

Diesel-powered apparatus – like fire trucks -- generate exhaust whenever they leave or return to a station.

If it’s not properly captured, the exhaust will enter the apparatus bay and make its way to firefighters living quarters.

In the Eye (what's left) of Alberto

May 30, 2018

The remants of sub-tropical depression Alberto moved through the Tri-State early Wednesday, with the eye of the low pressure system passing directly over Evansville about 5:30am CDT.

A Flash Flood Watch has been extended for the area until noon. The National Weather Service is predicting the rain will be mostly out of our area by that time. However, a chance of showers and thundershowers continues through the evening.

There have been no reports of serious injuries or damage from the storm. Some flooded roads, downed trees and power outages have been reported.