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Deaconess sued over infant death

Aug 1, 2018

A federal lawsuit has been filed in connection with an infant death at an Evansville hospital.

Attorneys George Barnett and David Miller filed the complaint against Deaconess Gateway in the death of 7-day-old of Aerabella Whitfield in August 2016.

In a news release, the attorneys said the child’s parents, Amanda Moore and Braden Whitfield of Owensville, took 3-day-old Aerabella to the Deaconess Gateway emergency room for abnormal, rapid breathing.

Barriers needed behind businesses on W. Franklin

Aug 1, 2018

Vectren and the Evansville Fire Department have partnered to boost public safety along W. Franklin Street. 

In a news release, the EFD said it discovered a number of natural gas meters along the street that didn’t have any vehicle impact protection barriers in front of them.

That’s a fire code violation. But before issuing fines, the EFD called Vectren to see if the utility company could help.

Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

The Democratic candidate for Indiana Secretary of State made a campaign stop Friday in Evansville to discuss his two-pronged plan for securing the state's elections.

Jim Harper told the crowd that votes cast in the state should leave a paper trail, which monitors should be required to compare with the electronic results.

"We know that election systems across the country are under attack from Russia and other countries," he said. "Taking common sense steps that experts have confirmed will make our elections more secure is critical."

Arts Council waiting to move into new digs

Jul 27, 2018
John Gibson

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana is packing up and moving…down the sidewalk. 

Arts Council Director Anne McKim tells WNIN the group is vacating its space in the Innovation Pointe building and moving to the former site of the Christian Science Reading Room at 212 Main Street…

"We have the opportunity to really expand our programing and our impact downtown by moving down the street." 

The new location is a long, narrow building that McKim said will provide more wall space for art, and no columns likes the ones in the current building…

Two Main Street- Willard Library

Jul 26, 2018
Tommy Housman

If you like Gothic architecture and ghost stories this episode of Two Main Street is your cup of tea. David talks to Greg Hager about the history of Willard Library, the mysterious Grey Lady, and the adventures of being a librarian.