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Norma Marizan

After not being able to talk to my family for six days, my mom finally called me from the Island. Hurricane Maria had just passed and she couldn't believe was she was seeing. I didn't know what had happened during that time so she started sending me pictures of what I thought was another country. I grew up in Puerto Rico; in these streets and I couldn't recognize any of them. My mom and sister came to stay with me in the Midwest after the hurricane and talked to me about their experience.

Could one of the Twin Bridges be turned into a pedestrian-bicycle trail? 

Proposals for a new I-69 bridge connecting Evansville and Henderson call for eliminating one or both of the existing Twin Bridges.

But what if one of the twin spans was converted to a foot and bicycle trail?

Dan Prevost (PREE-voh) of the I-69 Ohio River Crossing Team told reporters Monday that taking cars and trucks off one the aging bridges would likely reduce maintenance costs, but he couldn’t say by how much…

Rezoning Vote Postponed After Opposition From Neighbors

Jun 20, 2018
Vanderburgh County Commissioners

Vanderburgh County commissioners have tabled an ordinance to rezone a plot of land in McCutchanville because of pushback from neighbors. 

Developers want to build eighteen townhouses across nine buildings on the lot at 12401 Browning Rd. They would be single-family units that share a wall with one other townhouse. Units would start at $300,000.

Several neighbors spoke against the development at the commissioners meeting. They said the development could increase traffic and lower property values in the area.

Annual Conference Supports Women Veterans

Jun 19, 2018
Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

Sheree Peters served thirteen years in the navy. She said that women face special challenges after they leave the military.

“Women tend to have a lot more obligations than men," Peters said. "You’re a mom, you’re doing this, doing that, and so they tend to push being a veteran to the wayside. And you also have a lot of women that just don’t realize that they are actually veterans.”

“When that happens," said UE Director of Veteran Affairs Cherie Leonhardt, "they miss out on information about benefits and support and services that are available to them.”

I-69 bridge proposals tweaked

Jun 19, 2018

The group heading up the I-69 bridge project has announced some “refinements” to its 3 proposals. 

The I-69 Ohio River Crossing Project Team says the changes reflect public input gathered from surveys, community conversations, and a booth at Henderson’s Tri-Fest in April.

The two “west alternatives” have been adjusted to reduce impacts to homes, businesses, and a cemetery along and near the Henderson Strip.

A change to the central alternative is designed to improve access to businesses along the strip and on U.S. 60.