Latinos in Evansville

Paola Marizan / WNIN

At Montessori Academy, elementary students talk about the deaths of their loved ones through the ancient celebration of the Day of the Dead. 

Learning to cope with death by celebrating Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, these students share stories about their losses. This tradition started when the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and it celebrates November first and second as the day the souls of the deceased returned to be with their living loved ones. 

More Latinos are being born in Indiana

Aug 3, 2016
Paola Marizan / WNIN

The number of Latinos coming from other countries decreased, according to a recent study by the Latino Collaboration Table. 

The increase in numbers of new generation Latinos in the area reflects a shift in population.

Abraham Brown, a leader in the Latino community, says many are surprised that more Latinos are being born in Indiana than Latinos coming from other countries. 

A multicultural barbershop brings Evansville together

May 29, 2015
Chinno Men's Hairdressing website

Add a little flavor to your haircut. A unique Barbershop brings Evansville together, offering understanding between cultures in a different way. Chinno Men's Hairdressing, a Latino owned barbershop, not only adds a lively vibe to hairstyles, it gives all who enters a taste of other cultures. 

Owner Alex "Chinno' Rivera said for Latinos hairstyles are a statement so being able to understand the demand of costumers in English or Spanish is key to a satisfied costumer.