What it means to be Latinoaméricano

Sep 22, 2016

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, expert in Latin America and University of Evansville professor of Spanish, Dr. Diana Rodríguez Quevedo tells us about music that describes what being Latino means, her relocation to Canada as a child and about her homeland, Colombia.  


Trend- Global Crossroads

Nov 6, 2015
Alison Petrash

We had a full studio for this show,  including soap-making, food, inclusion and the Latin Grammy nominated mariachi band Flor De Toloache.  

They're all part of the Global Crossroads Culture and Music Festial in New Harmony on Saturday.

Update: After the Trend on Friday, we celebrated the Global Crossroads Fest at Historic New Harmony.

Latin Grammy nominated and all-female mariachi band Flor de Toloache was live from Murphy Auditorium.

A multicultural barbershop brings Evansville together

May 29, 2015
Chinno Men's Hairdressing website

Add a little flavor to your haircut. A unique Barbershop brings Evansville together, offering understanding between cultures in a different way. Chinno Men's Hairdressing, a Latino owned barbershop, not only adds a lively vibe to hairstyles, it gives all who enters a taste of other cultures. 

Owner Alex "Chinno' Rivera said for Latinos hairstyles are a statement so being able to understand the demand of costumers in English or Spanish is key to a satisfied costumer. 

'Nuestras Americas' kicks off the new year with music, traditions

Dec 31, 2014
Mallorie Cloum / WNIN

Happy New Year! WNIN producers Paola Marizan and Cass Herrington share their favorite songs for your New Year's Eve celebration. They discuss traditions from around Central and South America and reflect on some big news events from 2014. 

Feliz Año Nuevo! Productoras de WNIN Paola Marizan y Cass Herrington comparten sus canciones favoritas para tu celebracion de Año Nuevo. Ellas discuten tradiciones navideñas desde America Central hasta America del Sur y reflexionan en las noticias que dieron de que hablar en el 2014. 

Songs // Canciones