Jacob Keating

Ozone Alert extended through Friday

May 24, 2018

A forecast of bright sunshine and light wind has prompted the Evansville EPA to extend the ozone alert. 

The agency has extended the season’s first Ozone Alert through Friday.

In an email, EPA Director Jacob Keating said the alert will also continue for central and southeastern parts of Indiana.

The EPA recommends children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases, and those who are active outdoors limit prolonged outdoor exertion, especially between the hours of noon and 7:00 p.m.

EPA issues first 2017 Ozone Alert

May 15, 2017

The Evansville EPA has issued its first Ozone Alert of 2017.

Local EPA Director Jacob Keating told WNIN News that the area is facing sunny, dry conditions that can elevate ozone levels.


Keating said ozone may reach unhealthy levels for “sensitive groups,” including children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory or heart conditions.

He said the best time for outdoor activities during alerts is early morning and after sunset.

Keating said if you must stay outside during the heat of the day, take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.

Another ozone alert for Saturday

Jun 24, 2016

Another weekend, another Ozone Alert.

The Evansville EPA has issued an Ozone Alert for Saturday, marking the third straight weekend that the agency has warned of potentially unhealthy air for children, the elderly, and persons with respiratory or heart conditions.

Thousands of people are expected on Evansville’s riverfront for Shriners Fest and in Owensboro for ROMP. Evansville EPA Director Jacob Keating has some advice for festival-goers: don't exert yourself, stay hydrated, and if you have asthsma, keep emergency medicine handy.

The Evansville EPA has issued another Ozone Alert for this weekend.

The city has already violated federal ozone standards three times this month. 

The new alert is in effect Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – the first day of summer.  

Evansville EPA Director Jacob Keating tells WNIN that sunny and warm conditions -- with little or no wind -- may create unhealthy ozone levels for sensitive groups, like children, the elderly, and persons with lung or heart conditions.

He urges those groups to limit time outdoors, stay cool, and stay hydrated.

Keating appointed head of local EPA

Aug 11, 2014

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has appointed a new head of the Evansville EPA. 

The mayor has named Jacob Keating to the post, removing the “interim” title that Keating has held since he took charge of the agency last month. 

Keating has served as a senior air inspector at the local EPA since April 2013.