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Ivy Tech launches 5-year strategic plan

Jan 8, 2018
Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech has launched a 5-year strategic plan to better prepare people for good jobs. 

Ivy Tech Evansville Chancellor Jonathan Weinzapfel says the plan calls for students to earn 50,000 high-quality certifications, certificates, and degrees statewide each year by 2025….

The solar eclipse is just days away, and demand for safety glasses is intensifying.

Retailers and not-for-profits are scrambling to fill orders for the special dark glasses that protect the human eye from the blinding sun.

Ivy Tech Community College had planned to distribute glasses at its eclipse event on Monday, but has dropped those plans due to a recall notice from Amazon.

Amazon said it’s recalling thousands of glasses “out of an abundance of caution” because they may not comply with industry standards.

A partnership between food banks and Ivy Tech is providing healthy produce to people around the state. The sweet corn project began two years ago when Ivy Tech’s Terre Haute campus launched a hands-on field experiment for students.

The Terre Haute agriculture program teaches modern farming technology. Its corn yield kept growing so the campus donated to local food banks.

Becky Miller with the Ivy Tech Foundation says, this summer, students planted three different fields.

Ivy Tech Community college will undergo administrative changes this summer aimed at making each campus more community focused, addressing needs expressed by campuses across the state.

Ivy Tech’s campuses currently serve students at a regional level, but going forward they will focus on specific towns.

Every campus will have leadership focused on the specific needs of the town the campus is located in. Academics and local partnerships will focus on the specific workforce needs of that community.

Skill Up program offers learning and earning

Jan 19, 2017

A new program will allow Ivy Tech students to learn and earn.

The program called Skill UP Indiana will pay students $12.50 an hour during their enrollment in the 11-week program, which includes five weeks of class time and on-the-job training.

Applications are being accepted via Ivy Tech, and can be found on the community college’s website, ivytech.edu/skillup.

In a news release, Ivy Tech Southwest Chancellor Jonathan Weinzapfel says the college is excited to spearhead the initiative that he says can “potentially change the way employers hire in the future.”