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Safe Gun Storage Lags In Homes With Children

Mar 2, 2018

An estimated 39 percent of Hoosiers have firearms and a new study find many of those guns are not stored properly.

A report published in the Journal Pediatrics states only an estimated one third of Indiana households with guns store them safely.

The report from the American Academy of Pediatrics specifically asked for the mental health history of children in the home and if firearms are stored locked and unloaded.

Hemp Bill Likely Headed To Study Committee

Mar 2, 2018

Senate lawmakers want to take a big step back when it comes to opening up Indiana’s hemp industry.

Legislation overwhelmingly passed by the House would have allowed the state to establish a hemp growing pilot program. It’s similar to a program in Kentucky, which has established itself as a national leader in hemp. But the Senate made the bill a study committee proposal.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) says that’s because the state isn’t set up for such a system.

Indiana University Health is now providing genetic screenings to identify high risk strains of the human papillomavirus or HPV that causes cervical cancer. About 250 Hoosier women are diagnosed with this cancer every year.

Cytopathologist Melissa Randolph explains to Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Jill Sheridan how the screenings work and who they benefit.

Stores Across Indiana Prepare For Sunday Sales

Mar 1, 2018

With Sunday carry-out sales receiving the stamp of approval from Gov. Eric Holcomb Wednesday, stores are busy preparing for this weekend.

Most bills passed in Indiana go into effect July 1.

But at Wednesday’s signing of the Sunday sales bill, House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) said Wednesday at the bill’s signing, its implementation was expedited because the public was aware of the issue.

“We had a bona fide discussion as to why wait? Everyone knows about it, everyone’s read about it, no one could come up with a good reason,” Bosma said.

Republican leaders say they halted gun bills in each chamber Thursday to avoid debate on several gun regulation proposals.

Lawmakers say they plan to revive some of the language in those bills before the session ends.