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Fast-Growing Invasive Vine Found In Indiana

May 21, 2018
Mile-a-minute vine (USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's Plant Protection and Quarantine)
Rebecca Thiele

A new invasive vine that can grow up to six inches a day could be spreading in the state. Experts found the mile-a-minute vine in Monroe County. It’s dead now, but they say it likely won’t be the last we see of the plant. 

The St. Vincent DePaul food pantry in Indianapolis. (Jill Sheridan/IPB News)
Doug Jaggers

The federal farm bill failed in the House on Friday, largely over issues on immigration reform. But another contentious issue divided Indiana representatives. A provision in the bill would have required people on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — or SNAP — to work or attend job training for 20 hours a week. 

Indiana used to have to post public notices in newspapers when a company applied for a permit to put pollution into the air. But the Indiana Department of Environmental Management wants to move away from paper ads.

Marguerite Topping (left) and Anne Laker (right) of the Indiana Forest Alliance stand outside the Garrison Ballroom at Fort Harrison State Park where the Natural Resources Commission held their meeting Tuesday. (Rebecca Thiele/IPB News)
Rebecca Thiele

Hoosiers won’t be allowed to hunt bobcats any time soon. The state's Natural Resources Commission decided not to go forward with two controversial proposals on Tuesday. 

Eli Lilly Acquires New Cancer Treatment Drugs

May 14, 2018

Within in one week, Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly hopes two oncology purchases will boost its cancer drug portfolio.

Eli Lilly has purchased two smaller companies in the past week that have oncology drugs in development. The Indianapolis-based company hopes the investments boost its cancer drug portfolio.

Last week Eli Lilly announced a $1.6 billion buyout of California-based ARMO BioScience for an immunotherapy drug. Immunotherapy treatments – which train the body to fight disease – have gained momentum recently.