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Report: Indiana Could Take Better Cancer Action

Aug 10, 2018

The American Cancer Society’s study finds Indiana could do more to reduce preventable cancer deaths.  This is the 16th year for the annual “How Do You Measure Up?” analysis.

Peter Wright (Photo courtesy of LinkedIn)
Lauren Chapman

President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Superfund program says he’ll recuse himself from sites contaminated by his former employer DowDuPont — eleven of which are in Indiana.

Indiana is one of several states experiencing a Hepatitis A outbreak, and the state wants students to be better protected as they head back to school.

State Moves To Ban Invasive Plants Trade

Jul 17, 2018

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission adopted a preliminary measure on Tuesday that would make the sale, transport, introduction, or distribution of more than 40 invasive plants illegal. 

Survey: Parents Fear For Child Safety In Schools

Jul 17, 2018

One in three parents fear for their child’s safety in school, according to a survey that a national education group conducts every year.