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Fresh Food Initiative Advances Without Funding

Feb 24, 2017


Legislation creating a grant program to generate more healthy food options across the state has received overwhelming approval in the Indiana Senate. But there’s no money in the bill for those grants.

This week marked the last committee meetings of the first half of the session, as both chambers scramble to wrap up any bills they want to move forward into the second half of the session. Monday and Tuesday are the last days both chambers can approve a bill if they want it to move forward. The legislature will then take the rest of the week off and return the following Monday.

Appointed State Superintendent Gets Surprising Vote

The Indianapolis Public Schools Board approved a resolution Thursday pledging to protect undocumented and immigrant students from facing deportation and discrimination. 

It informs principals to not assist immigration enforcement officers unless legally required or authorized by the district.


House lawmakers rejected an attempt to get rid of the state’s moratorium on new nursing home construction.

The legislature put a moratorium on the construction of new nursing homes in 2015. It’s set to expire next summer and this session’s budget bill would extend the moratorium through 2023.