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Gov. Eric Holcomb’s legislative agenda was broken down into what he called the five pillars, including upgrading infrastructure, attacking the drug epidemic, and strengthening the workforce.

Within those pillars were 28 individual legislative initiatives. And Holcomb secured all or part of 26 of them.

Holcomb praised the collaborative effort between his office and lawmakers.

A new study from Ball State University underscores how higher education can boost wages – especially in certain parts of the state.

Its author, at the Center for Business and Economic Researcher, says the study suggests poorer counties have lots to gain from regional educational partnerships.

Graduate researcher Nathan Law found that since the recession, it’s been easier for Hoosiers with at least a bachelor’s degree to find full-time work.

Holcomb Pledges To Sign Several Controversial Bills

4 hours ago

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced that he plans to sign a series of controversial measures that include gun and abortion legislation.

Lawmakers approved a bill this session allowing legislative staffers to carry guns into the Statehouse. Holcomb says he supports the reasoning behind the bill.

“They put in long hours – especially during the session – and they are walking blocks away, oftentimes after midnight. And I can sympathize with someone who wants to be able to protect themselves and feel secure,” Holcomb says.

A state board that authorizes charter schools voted Monday to cancel plans for a group of Indianapolis business professionals to open schools in Marion and Clark counties.

The reason?

The Indiana Supreme Court affirmed Monday that gun violence victims can’t get monetary damages from gun stores that illegally sell firearms. But the court didn’t entirely dismiss a former Indianapolis police officer’s lawsuit either. Former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer Dwayne Runnels sued a gun store that he says illegally sold the firearm that wounded him.