Vanderburgh Commissioners, Council Pass Resolution On Additional Magistrate

Aug 1, 2018

Trockman makes the case for the resolution to county council.
Credit Isaiah Seibert / WNIN

Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Wayne Trockman presented the resolution, calling on the Indiana General Assembly to pay for the county to hire an additional magistrate.

County commissioners approved the resolution unanimously at their meeting Tuesday afternoon.  County council followed suit Wednesday morning. 

Trockman told the bodies that a 2016 report found the county was short six and a half judicial officers, but he was advised that he would have the best chance if he asked for one magistrate.

He said the state would cover the magistrate’s salary and benefits. The county would need to provide office space and the money to hire a court reporter.

Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave said the county’s lack of judicial officers may help explain the increase in its jail population.   

The committee that considers these requests requires a resolution from county commissioners and the county council to make a recommendation to the general assembly once a bill has been introduced.

Trockman said state senator Vaneta Becker will introduce a bill to the senate during the next legislative session. Representative Wendy McNamara will introduce the bill to the house.

The new magistrate will start work in July 2019 if the assembly approves the funds.