Rewind: From 'colorblindness' to color conscious

Aug 24, 2016

In a time where skin color and nationality continue to play a crucial role in our lives, some prefer to confront race issues up front and start difficult conversations to help ease the tension.

Roneshia Evans, TEDxEvansville 2016 speaker
Credit Roneshia Evans

One of those people is Roneshia Evans, who prefers to point out the elephant in the room and tackle it head-on. For her being African American doesn’t mean avoiding discussions on diversity. 

Evans is the Human Relations Coordinator for Hopkins County schools and one of this year’s TEDxEvansville speakers. Her idea, transitioning from colorblindness to color conscious, tackles gender, economic status, race and ethnicity with humor. 

"I always share with people the diversity of names and how we shouldn’t judge others based on their name. So, when I met Sholanda – the name Sholanda was on the list—and I said to myself ‘Yes, another black girl’ So we go to the training and in walks Sholanda and like I said she was blonde with blue eyes and I about lost it and that was my perception. I never knew a white Sholanda. So I had to check myself at the door. Is not just sometimes. It’s a process for all of us." Roneshia Evans.