A League of Their Own anniversary party set for Bosse Field

Aug 18, 2017

Evansville Otters Vice President Joel Panfield and Joe Notter of Greater Evansville Media speak to news media members at Bosse Field.
Credit John Gibson

The 25th anniversary of the filming of “A League of Their Own” will be celebrated at Bosse Field next month. 

The historic ballpark in Evansville’s Garvin Park played a major role in the movie about a women’s baseball league during World War II.

Evansville Otters Vice President Joel Padfield says remnants of the filming remain…

(Such as the Racine Belles boxes and the wartime stamp ads in the tunnels. Remembering this movie is a big deal  for Evansville and the community.)

Joe Notter of Greater Evansville Media says the celebration is planned for September 30th at Bosse Field…

(The move will be played on a big screen at the ballpark, but it's also about activities, pictures, signatures,  and having people from the film here.)

Which begs the question: Will any of the movie’s stars -- which included Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna – return for the anniversary?

(Notter says it depends on companies' and corporations' sponsorship of the event. He says Tom Hanks could just show up.)

Notter says he’s not making any promises about star appearances, but says he has tweeted Tom Hanks.

Notter encourages local and regional actors who appeared in the film to contact him at League@EvansvilleEvents.com.

Tickets for the event are available for $5 each. The price rises to $8 September 1st.

A portion of sales will benefit a yet-to-be-announced women’s sports foundation.

Concession stand at Evansville's Bosse Field
Credit John Gibson