Lawmakers Propose Tweak To Solar Legislation To Benefit Schools

Dec 28, 2017

The Indiana General Assembly will explore a tweak to a controversial energy bill passed last session that, in part, reduces incentives for smaller solar projects. The fix would help more schools finance solar projects. More schools are installing solar systems to reduce their electric bill and put money back in the classroom.

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House Utilities Chair David Ober (R-Albion) says proposed legislation will extend a grandfathering period, giving schools longer to recoup the cost of a solar system.

“So, hopefully that will make these projects more of a reality for them,” he says.

Ober says the idea came out of a summer study committee.

That committee also heard testimony on the need for a buffer zone around wind farms. Ober says that’s a local issue, and the state shouldn’t get involved. He did say the legislature might look into a law preventing county commissioners with a conflict of interest from approving wind farms.