'Extreme' fitness, niche or new norm?

Oct 4, 2013

Crossfit trainer Jared Wagner coaches his clients through a "WOD", or workout of the day.
Credit Cass Herrington


We’re approaching two starkly different annual events here in Evansville, the YMCA Half Marathon and the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.

This week’s segment is about on extremes in health and fitness. As you’ll hear in today’s interviews, there appears to be a growing interest in high-intensity, nearly punishing exercise.

First, we’ll take a trip to a Cross fit gym, or “box” as they’re called, to hear about a workout that’s gaining speed, here and around the world.

University of Evansville Director of the Public Health Program Dr. Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi will stop by and talk about the possible economic reasons for the raging interest in extreme fitness.

Finally we’ll visit a physical therapy clinic that is offers boxing sessions to clients with Parkinson’s disease.


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Liked a song you heard on today’s program? Here’s the playlist:

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