Experts dissect the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans

Sep 20, 2013

On October 1st, Millions of uninsured Americans will compare health insurance plans, find out if they are eligible for federal help in paying premiums and “shop” in state exchanges. 

The public understanding the new legislation and compliance regulations are constantly changing, as all three guests on this week’s show point out.

The director of the health administration program at the University of Southern Indiana Kevin Valadares will visit The Trend again to explain precisely what we can expect on October 1st. He says the Affordable Care Act is like a football stadium – but now everyone is invited onto the field. He adds, the problem is we don’t have enough “coaches,” or doctors, for this influx of insured patients. Valadares lends his expertise in studying the marketplace approach to health care and predicts how this will affect us in places like the doctor’s office waiting room.

Andrew Rosenberg is the business leader of the health and benefits team at Mercer’s offices in Indianapolis. Rosenberg explains how the consulting firm is explaining private exchanges and benefits plans to employers and employees through multimedia and “Health Care Reform Made Simple” toolkits.

Finally, urgent care physician Wayne Liebhard says the Affordable Care Act fails to address frequent and expensive cases he sees daily in the hospital. Liebhard’s experience in the clinic inspired him to write “The Obamacare Blues” and the book “Elephants in the Exam Room: The Seven Things You Should Know About the Health Care Crisis.”

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