Elementary students learn about the end of life through Day of the Dead

Nov 2, 2016

At Montessori Academy, elementary students talk about the deaths of their loved ones through the ancient celebration of the Day of the Dead. 

Learning to cope with death by celebrating Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, these students share stories about their losses. This tradition started when the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and it celebrates November first and second as the day the souls of the deceased returned to be with their living loved ones. 

"My name is Emerson. This is Dana and she is my cousin and she loved the beach. She was an artist and she was from Paris and she speaks French. (Do you speak French?) Bonjour."

The Montessori Academy float will be displayed at the Day of the Dead celebration this Saturday November 5th at Wesselman Park Nature Center from 3pm to 6 pm. The event includes an ofrendas showroom, craft activities, a Día de los Muertos lecture, a parade and food. 

Thanks to Margo Scharf, Emerson Edwards and Evelyn Scheller for sharing their stories.