Early childhood education, beyond the classroom

Sep 13, 2013


Jared Totsch teaches a group of 3-5 year-olds at Culver Elementary School. Totsch says he gives students choices and leadership roles, so they will learn to think independently.

We’re taking a closer look at early childhood education and development and how it translates into continued success in a child’s life – and how this affects the economy. 

Indiana is one of eleven states without dedicated funding for pre-school. That means nearly half of all students start kindergarten without any form of early childhood education.

EVSC’s Director of Early Childhood Education Terry Green talks about Pre-K programs in Evansville and how the city fares in comparison other places in the Tri-State.

Pyschology professor Maggie Felton teaches cognitive development at the University of Southern Indiana. Felton explains how early interactions with adults “hardwire” children for the rest of their lives. She says this has implications for the economy and changing the scale of poverty in the U.S.

In the final segment, we’ll visit the home of Rachel Maurer. She’s a music therapist who uses her professional practice to teach her three-year-old daughter skills in conversation and coping with emotions. Maurer also leads a workshop called Parenting Counts that navigates parents through the often perplexing world of raising a child.

And of course, we’ll hear from those most affected by this topic – kids.

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