Discussion of Collective Bargaining is on Tonight’s EVSC Board Meeting Agenda

Feb 10, 2014

Collective bargaining is expected to be on the agenda tonight at 5:30 p.m for the EVSC School Board Meeting. The current teacher contract expires June 30, bringing up Evansville Teachers Association president Mark Lichtenberg statement at the beginning of the year saying that he expects 2014 to bring a new teacher evaluation system and collective bargaining agreement.

The Evansville Courier and Press reports that Paul Neidig, EVSC Chief Administrative Officer, is set to give an update to board members on the agenda at tonight’s school board meeting. Collective bargaining involves negotiation that can occur between an employer and a labor union.

Lichtenberg said, the new agreement requires complying with state statutes that tie compensation to teacher evaluation and dictate the components of those evaluations. To some extent, performance –based teacher compensation will be required beginning in the next school year.