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2:30 pm
Sun January 26, 2014

A Day Out in Owensboro

John Gibson talks with Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne about downtown development
Credit Steve Burger


On Friday, January 24, WNIN-FM produced a historic broadcast by spending an entire day in Owensboro.

Cass Herrington on stage with the Vickie Vaughn Band at the International Bluegrass Music Museum.
Credit Steve Burger

By spending the whole day talking about the massive downtown development taking place there around the new convention center, we were able to really tell the whole story of how such a huge project was able to be launched during the recession.

We also had plenty of time to talk about the people and culture of the area. We finished up the day with our first-ever broadcast of a live performance from the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

We enjoyed it so much, we want another Day Out! If you would like WNIN-FM to come to your community, let us know.