Curry Asks For Special Prosecutor In Curtis Hill Allegations

Jul 10, 2018

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry asked a court Tuesday to appoint a special prosecutor to handle any issues related to sexual misconduct allegations against Attorney General Curtis Hill.

The court granted that request and will appoint someone in the coming weeks.

Curry says the need for a special prosecutor is simple: he is a client of the Attorney General’s office.

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“By law, the Attorney General is required to represent any prosecutor who has been sued in a civil action,” Curry says.

A special prosecutor would consult with the investigating agency and determine whether to bring charges. The investigating agency in this case is the Indiana Inspector General – with whom Curry says he’s spoken.

“I have facilitated contact between the Inspector General’s office and the sex crimes unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department should the Inspector General seek the assistance of IMPD in her investigation,” Curry says.

Attorney General Hill has said the Inspector General’s investigation will be biased because the governor – who’s called on him to resign – appoints that position.