Changing the food paradigm: how to bring more local food to Evansville dinner tables

Nov 15, 2013

Local farmers and consumers alike are devising some innovative strategies for bringing local, healthy food to the local marketplace.

Gwen and Kenneth McTaggart from Off the Fence Farms, for example, offer a "cow share" program for families who want fresh milk -- but don't have the time to milk a cow twice a day.

Gwen and Kenneth McTaggart have owned and managed Off the Fence Farms for two growing seasons. Kenneth left his previous job to spend more time with his family and to "become more self-sufficient."
Credit Cass Herrington

In this segment, we visited the McTaggart's home to hear how they manage the sustainable farm and how they plan increase profits in the next growing season.

Ken Meter, a food systems analyst and the president of Crossroads Resource Center, visited Evansville last month and presented his market analysis of Evansville’s food economy. Meter says more than $1.1 billion leaves Southwest Indiana each year in food supplied outside the state.

Finally we’ll hear about two local initiatives to invigorate a rising population of consumers and farmers – and how a closer relationship between farmer and consumer might have a place in Evansville’s future.

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