Dogs provide calm during final exams

6 hours ago
John Gibson

Students facing final exams are getting some relief from four-legged friends. WNIN’s John Gibson has the story…

Paola Marizan / WNIN

In an effort to build relationships between police officers and the African-American community, the Uniting Evansville organization started conversations about race relations in our city. 

Information on police protocol, law enforcement, civilian education and community support were offered at the event to anyone interested. 

More community discussions are set for the future, according to the Uniting Evansville organization.  

Mary Knight

"Having lost most of his family to coal mining accidents a little boy lives with his grandfather in Kentucky. Ever since Curley can remember, Papaw has been giving him a word each week to learn. Papaw says words are Curley's way out of the holler, even though Curley has no intention of ever leaving."

‘Saving Wonder’ by debut local author Mary Knight is a lyrical tale about friendship, difficulties and the power of words. Knight will be at the Daviess County Public Library on Wednesday, November 30th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

EVV at War documentary opens Thursday

Nov 30, 2016

A new documentary about Evansville during World War II opens on the big screen this week and on the small screen next week.

WNIN’s John Gibson has the story…

Local students learn about food globalization

Nov 23, 2016
Paola Marizán / WNIN

Food systems around the world are changing, resulting in a potential for greater availability of food as well as greater diversity of food choices, according to the US Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Cooking French cuisine with a Mexican chef at a local university we learn about food globalization.

BRU Burger Bar Celebrates Grand Opening in Evansville

Nov 21, 2016
Samantha Horton / WNIN

Just before lunchtime, BRU Burger Bar celebrated its grand opening in Evansville’s historic Greyhound bus station at 222 Sycamore Street after having a soft opening over the weekend.

Clean Air Advocates March On Vectren

Nov 17, 2016
Samantha Horton / WNIN

Thursday evening Evansville residents young and old marched along downtown to urge Vectren to retire its coal power plants and reevaluate its energy rates. 

People carried handmade wind turbines and signs while chanting, "What do we want? Clean air. When do we want it? Now." They traveled down Riverside Drive starting at the Four Freedoms Monument, crossing the street, and stopping on the sidewalk outside the Vectren Corporation building. Local activist and lead chanter Mary Lyn Stoll said people should understand that this is not a protest.

Sheriff's Office: lock car, avoid theives

Nov 16, 2016

Authorities are urging you to lock your car.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office says thieves have broken into seven vehicles in local subdivisions during overnight hours since November 1st.

A news release from the sheriff’s office says thieves usually bypass locked cars, because defeating a lock takes time and breaking a window makes noise.

Authorities say never leave unsecured firearms, medication, credit cards, or money in an unoccupied vehicle.

If you must leave valuables, secure them in a locked glove box or the trunk.

Firm chosen to work on I-69 bridge project

Nov 15, 2016

It’s another step forward for an I-69 bridge connecting Evansville and Henderson. 

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet have selected Parsons Transportation Group to complete preliminary design work and an environmental review for the I-69 Ohio River Crossing.

The review will collect public input and study potential routes to connect the existing I-69 in Evansville and the upgraded Pennyrile Parkway south of Henderson.

¿Qué Pasa MidWest? 2: Cilantro and the 2016 Elections

Nov 14, 2016
Mareea Thomas / WNIN

Since 2012, the number of Hispanic eligible voters has increased by 4 million, nationwide. An increased attributed to more Latinas registering to vote, according to the Pew Research Center. To better understand the impact this can have on this election, we go through a bilingual journey of politics in the kitchen and the many definitions of the American dream.